Standing Seam Panel

The JSM standing seam panel is a high end steel roofing profile.  It’s hidden fastener system provides a desired aesthetic appeal.  Standing Seam is available in 22 gauge to 26 gauge material in bare agalume or a wide variety of colours.

The unidesigned clip fastening system allows for each panel to cover up the fastening of the panel laid previous, providing a fantastic looking roof that wows even the most critical judge of residential and commercial design. 

Standing seam panels can be curved to further increase their appeal.  Curved standing seam panels are available in 22 gauge and 24 gauge with a 1-1/2″ rib height..   


  • Use:  Roof

  • Gauges:  26, 24

  • Slope:  1/12 and greater (2″seam) or 2/12 and greater (1.5″ seam)

  • Coverage:  12″ to 24″ width

  • Length:  3′ to 50′ (Longer when rolled on site)

  • Rib Height:  1-1/2″ or 2″ 

  • Fastener System:  Hidden Fastener

  • ​Recommended Substrate:  Solid Substrate


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