Standing Seam Panel

Snaplock, installation wise, is one of the smartest and most efficiently designed panels. With a similar look to our Standing Seam panel, Snaplock is another excellent option for those looking for their residential or commercial roof to stand out and impress. 
Engineered to be installed without the specialized tight-seaming clips which the Standing Seam panel requires, Snaplock is a profile that snaps down on one side and is screwed down through its fabricated pleated edge on the other.  Snaplock must be installed on a solid substrate such as plywood. The Snaplock panel finishes any structure with a clean, hidden fastener design that has the power to elevate the status and value of whatever structure it finishes  


  • Use:  Roof

  • Gauges:  26, 24

  • Slope:  3/12 and greater

  • Coverage:  12″ to 20″ width

  • Length:  3′ to 50′

  • Rib Height:  1″

  • Fastener System:  Hidden Fastener

  • ​Recommended Substrate:  Solid Substrate


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