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Hillview Sheet Metal
Metal Roofing & Metal Siding
Hillview Seamless Steel Siding is the method of choice when it comes to building, renovating, or any project you may have in mind. Our Seamless Steel Siding does not have the unsightly splices, joints or gaps where dirt and moisture penetrate like conventional siding does, and requires virtually no maintenance. The seamless design also helps keep out insects and rodents.

Besides improving our home's apperance, what else does seamless steel siding offer?
Seamless siding has advantages far beyond beauty. It actually protects what's underneath it, and that is your home. Seamless steel siding does not expand like aluminum and vinyl. Expansion in siding can cause gaps, allowing moisture and dirt to get between the siding and your home. With Hillview Seamless steel siding, expansion is never a problem. It is guaranted not to rust, crack, blister, chip, peel, or flake because of it's toughness and heat resistance. With Hillview seamless Steel Siding, you get the strength of steel with the durability of a tough coating. Giving your home beauty, Strength, value, and an exterior that is virtually maintenance-free.

A unique ten-step thermo bonding coil-coating process captures the texture and grain of wood and delivers a consistent color application ensuring an even siding color throughout. The paint system provides a finish that is resisant to harsh weather and carries a 40 year limted warranty against fading and chalking. The warranty offered by Hillview seamless is another testament to the durability and value that Seamless steel siding brings to your home.

Metal Siding Profiles

• Hail Resistant
• Fire Proof
• Seamless
• 40 plus Colors
• Embossing
• Wood Grains